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Associate Professor of the Persian Literature Department of the Qom University


In today's meaning (whether written or non-textual) the texts are influenced in the form of pre-texts and influence texts after themselves; in other words, the texts are in conversations with previous and next texts; the Intertextuality seeks to reveal how their influences, impacts, and different practices and diverse functions. It can be said that in addition to the fact that texts have an Intertextual relationship with each other, on a larger scale, literary types also have such a function, or at least it can be claimed that inter-text relations are also seen in some literary forms; this is more significant when it would be possible that two different literary types have such a degree; Accordingly, in the present research, it attempts to explain the issue, and examine the inter-text relations (or generic) of some Persian literary types; hence, we will try to explain inter-text relations of epic and Lyric literature, with the emphasis on the ode form in Persian poetry, also we show that the structure of the Persian ode in various devices is influenced by the epic literary structure. This influence is more evident especially in the rhetorical system of ode.


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