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1 Assistant Professor of Persian Language and Literature, Payam Noor University of Guilan

2 M.A student of Payame Noor University of Guilan


The role-oriented approach to language has led to systematic studies of texts. Poetry and other literary texts can be read and analyzed with different perspectives although they differ from the scientific and educational texts due to the highlight of the language. The purpose of this research is Pooneh Nikooei's poetry readings based on the role-oriented approach to language. Pooneh Nikooei is a young poet who has paid attention to social poetry. This poem-which is called like pigeon and contains the pure feelings of a soldier’s child, is selected from Green Pomegranate Red Olive book. The findings of the research indicate short sentences, the plurality of processes, the overcoming of relational processes and the being descriptive this poem. Also, the results of this research show that the poet did not pay much attention to the peripheral elements and did not look for pad out her speech in this poem.


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