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1 MA of Educational for human sciences University of Babylon, Iraq

2 Professor of Educational for human sciences University of Babylon, Iraq


Disappearing an anybody about the status of (Nahj Al- Balagha) It was describing that under speech human. That book which collected it by (Al- Shreef Al- Radhi) is a bout on letters Imam Ali (E . C) and his books and justice. All that called (Nahj Al- Balagha) The cool scientists explained that book Al- Shareef Al- Radhi encouraged them and support their hands to write. He was the firs to comment on some letters. They go on the spell explained it's strength and taken from it's experiments. Then following by the movement of authority on centers. Un till the authority lasted out two hundred times .One is Arabic and the others is on many languages. The famous printed explanations (Nahj Al- Balagha) to Kamal Al- Deen Maitham Bin Ali Muala, Abu – al Fadhil Al- Bahrani (679 BC). Who was from Al- Bahrani's scientists who was famous and travelled to Iraq m writes many useful books in many kinds of science, law fullness, historicalness and philosophical. And about the spell that touched the explainer which began by described Imam Ali (B . C) divided the letter in to many part according to the subject. Then began by to explained some words which are not clear. With out to show the owners of glossaries. Then he began to Mentioned. The general meaning for his Betrothing. With reminded the appropriated of Betrothing. Finally, anatomized the betrothing step by step. The Gazer in that expounding find the philosophical and the pigment. posing the researcher found Fatigue in construing the terms of exposition. Which are suffices of ambiguities. Then he resorted to grievous abridgement. Notably in the Rhetoricians introduction. Which overtaken one hundred fifty pages. That enveloped much of terminologies of fundamentalism and philosophical boosted in the difficult of abstruseness of comprehend of terms and opinion.


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