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Assistant Professor at Arabic Group of the Persian Gulf University


Connection with traditions and ordering them is an issue that has attracted the attention of contemporary poets; since they believe these traditions are the result of human intellect in history and society and they are not separate from present time, so they esteemed them; because they have the ability to sustain and can act with the reality of the present, provided they are up-to-date. There are experiences of the beauty, the pain, the passions and the happiness of the ancient times in them that correspond with their examples in contemporary times. This valuable treasure displayed in three parts of the great religious, literary, and historical traditions in the works of the educated people of the Arab nation and brought their works up to the brink of fame. Such a tendency has various motivations. In this article, it is tried to examine the causes that have contributed to the development of applying traditions, including: technical motivations, cultural motives, ethnic motivations, social political motives, psychological motivations.


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