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Professor of Department of Quran Sciences, Faculty of Education, Wasit University


One of the most painful things on the soul and the most stressful that you do not find those who understand and communicate with them, and this pain increases when this self (other) can not be trusted or deal with. There is no doubt that the most characteristic of our present time is the state of canceling (the other) and not dealing with him or communicating with him, and in some cases intersect with him and try to remove him from existence. The situation of estrangement and divergence in the one religion is increasing as we see it in our time in Islam when the souls of the people have become widespread and have not been limited. On the void. In order for our study of the Holy Qur'an to be a study of a civilized, continuous, communicative and maturing knowledge, the research came in an important topic, namely, how to deal with the other in the Holy Quran. The research began with the preface of the title: the other - the Qoran, what we mean by both and define their limits, the meaning of (the other) is: different, heterogeneous or in other words as stated in the Qoran: "And then created another creation" Believers.