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1 Ph.D student in Arabic translation studies at Tehran University

2 Associate professor and faculty member of Tehran University


In these papers, the researchers attempt to stand up to the development of the linguistic significance of the individual Abd, relying on the central significance of Aramaic, Syriac, and Hebrew as the Arabic language and the marginal significance of the Arabic translators. And we have found that the central meaning of the individual was not what was known to the sons of language and what was in the Arabic dictionaries from the oldest and end of the talk of them; but to reveal the central and original sense of this item, we look at the more forward attacks such as Aramaic adaptations And Syriac and Hebrew, and then developed this meaning after the descent of the Qoran and the inclusion in religious driving until it became the evolving sense of the original meaning of the great use. Having identified the central significance and the Islamic significance of the individual, we have determined how the significance of this individual is developed by Islam according to the Frank furter Palmer theory. The focus of these papers is on the external religious influence; specifically the Qur'an - through contextual theory - How to deal internally with the significance, in terms of the allocation of significance or circulation, or the impact of the transfer - according to the theory of Palmer - and that the Qoranic text is the best language text able to employ the individual accurate employment, and the researcher can reach the accurate - Better than any form in text And another language which can rule - somewhat - on a single indication of whether significant verses, or Arab (non-Quranic), or that the Qoran has added a new dimension in addition to Tagged significance first.


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