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1 Associate Professor in University of Qom

2 Master of Arabic Language and Literature at Qom University


Literature has always been a reflection of the ideas of scholars and poets. In the meantime, comparative literature is one of the areas of literary studies that deals with the intersection of literature in various works and finds common links and relationships in literature and other manifestations of human knowledge. In the field of poetry, the association of motifs or repetitive elements with the conceptual components of different nations expresses the poets' thought and purpose for composing. Social concepts are the motifs that frequently found in Iranian and Iraqi poems. To understand the subtleties of this confluence in literary texts, it were studied the most important motifs in the poems of contemporary poets Ahmad Matar and Hossein Esrafili in the countries of Iraq and Iran based on the American school. And it cleared that Ahmad Matar has been pessimistic about the factors and events in Iraq and he sees the bright future as near impossible, while Hossein Esrafili is more optimistic than Matar and hope for victory and liberation in his poems is evidence