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Assistant Professor of Arabic language and literature in Qom University


Magical realism is a new style in the literature of the story and one of the subcategories of realism.. Magical realism, a relatively new way to express social, political and economical problems and issues in the present world, which aims to expand reality. Mohamad Mustagab, a contemporary Egyptian writer, who is also known as the author of the magical realism of Egypt, one of the authors of Arabic literary literature has valuable works in the fields of novels, He wrote short stories and literary articles based on the style of magical realism. In this study, in order to understand the features of magical realism and the critique of short stories written by Mohamed Mustagab, the narrative elements were analyzed in the short stories of two books, "Al-huzn yamil lilmumazaha" and "Amir al-intiqam al-hadith" and examined in terms of magical realism who has shown magical realism more than any other works.  The result of this research, which was conducted in a in a descriptive manner, shows that Mohamed Mustagab uses tools such as magical characters, complex plot, both space stained, stink space-time, hyperbolic space and themes such as attention to popular believes, legends use of myths, folk believes, and the use of magic that contain magical realism in his stories. Regardless of the literary style of the magical realism of these  works ,they  are noteworthy in terms of critical themes to the social unrest and cultural poverty of the author society.


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