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Professor and researcher of literature and linguistics, University of Sidi Mohamed Ibn Abd Allah in Fes, Morocco



This study attempted to show some of the efforts of the Moroccan historian and writer, Dr. Abdel Haq Al-Marini, in Moroccan literature by reading one of his works, "Jihad Poetry in Moroccan Literature from the time of Prince Youssef bin Tashfin al-Murabi to the time of Sultan Mawlawi Abdul Rahman bin Hisham Al-Alawi". It was the title of a doctoral dissertation on Moroccan literature from the University of Sidi Mohammed bin Abdullah in Fez under the supervision of Dr. Abbas Al-Jarari in 1989. Finally, it was published in 1996 by the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs. In this book, he presented his views on the process of creativity in the poetry of jihad and how to transfer it from an intellectual point of view to a poetic goal, and this shows the spirit of patriotism and the history of the struggles of a nation. The distinguishing feature of this type of literature from other literary categories lies in its message and content. This means that the works in the field of resistance literature are often a mirror of the pain and oppression of the people who have fallen victim to authoritarian regimes. These works, while instilling hope in the future and promising the victory, invite people to fight and stand against oppression, praise freedom and liberty, honor the homeland and the martyrs of the homeland in their hearts.


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