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1 Associate Professor, Department of Russian Language, Faculty of Human Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran. Iran

2 Master's student in Russian language education, Faculty of Humanities, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran. Iran



Linguists have long studied various language teaching approaches, such as classical education, electronic education, and contemporary face-to-face education, in the subject of foreign language education. Like other disciplines, the science of teaching foreign languages is developing and progressing. However, there is no denying the role and significance of educational and multimedia technology in the teaching of foreign languages, including Russian. This study aims to examine the use of passwords and QR codes in Iranian textbooks written in the Russian language. The research's first step, which uses the library method, defines technology, the role of technology in education, electronic learning, and the function of multimedia with a focus on films, after which the QR-code technology is described in the context of the educational process. Among its applications are the following: removing educational disparities by providing platforms for the creation and dissemination of excellent educational material; facilitating universal access to education; and speeding up and simplifying access to educational help files - enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of educational materials; inspiring authors, professors, and writers to create multimedia educational materials appropriate for the book to aid in the learning process; assisting in becoming familiar with the correct pronunciation, cultural nuances, and other aspects of the target language.


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