Language Teaching, Literature & Linguistics (JLTLL) due to professionalization accepts articles only in the following fields:

Language and Literature Research (Applied linguistics, Artificial intelligence, Cognitive processes, Comparative Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Language Teaching,  Language teaching, Psychology of Language and Comparative Literature)

 All contributors are kindly requested to follow the instructions bellow:

1. The articles only have to be submitted electronically through the following websites:  or

1-1. The articles should have not been published already, nor be currently under consideration elsewhere.

2-1. Acceptance of article is subject to the approval of Editorial Board.

2. The official language of the journal is Persian and submission of an English abstract of the article is compulsory.

- Articles in other languages (English and Arabic) will also be considered for publication.

3. The articles considered for publication are in the following three categories:

a. Research articles; The articles should be research oriented, resulted from the research work of author(s).

b. Review – analytic articles; Accepted in limited number and only from those top experienced authors in some specific fields, who have already published papers in the field.

c. Critical articles; by those distinguished authors, both Iranians and foreigners, in the related fields.

4. We regret to inform that the articles more than 30 pages (6,000 Words) will not be accepted.

5. The journal maintains the right to accept or reject (and edit, if required) the articles.

The articles extracted from theses or dissertations will be published under the name and responsibility of supervisor, and the name of advisor(s) and students will be included as co authors.

6. The articles should include the following sections:

a) First page (both in English and Persian): The exact title of the article, authors(s) name (identifying the corresponding author with star*), academic ranking, affiliation, full address, E-mail, telephone, cell phone and fax number of the corresponding author.

b) Second page: Full title of the article, abstract (in Persian, maximum, 250 words), keyword (a maximum of five), full title of the articles (in English), Abstract (in English, maximum 250 words) and keywords in English (maximum, of five).

c) Other pages: Introduction (problem definition, queries, hypotheses, methodology), Results, Discussion and References.

Note 1: Include the tables and figures (designed by the required software) both in the text and in a separate file (with separate page numbering).

Note 2: In addition to the article sent through the website, a copy of the article (in A4, one – side format) together with the related CD have to be sent to the Journal’s office.

Note 3: Put the number of figures, images, tables and diagrams separately in square brackets [  ] in order of their appearance.

Note 4: Tables and figures should have titles and, if required, footnote in the end.

Note 5: The English equivalents of Persian words or terms together with extra descriptions should be provided in a footnote with new page numbering.

Note 6: References cited in the text should be numbered in square bracket ([  ]), and should be listed in their order of appearance in the References section. If a reference is frequently used, include only the number and other additional information in the brackets. For example, referring for the first time: [1, Vol.1, p.6], and referring for the second time: [1, Vol.2, p.20].

Note 7: Titles of book in the text should be bold italic (font size, 11) and the title of papers, poets and short stories should be in “  ”.   

7- Referencing:

a) Books: Name of the author(s), year of publication, title, translator, volume, edition, place of publication, publisher.

b) Articles: Family name and first name of the author(s), year of publication, title, name of the electronic Journal (black italic, font size 11, preferably in word 2003/winxp), volume, page(s), date of referring to the website.

8. Instructions for writing articles:

a) The articles should be written by B bad 13, preferably in word 2003/winxp. Page number should be in the bottom center of the page.

b) Line spacing should be 1/5cm, and the margins should be set at: Top=3/5cm, Bottom=3/5cm Left=3/5 and Right=3/5cm.

c) The images should be precise, clear and in Jpeg/dpi300/ppi300 format;

d) Diagrams preferably have to be prepared in Excel software;

e) Tables preferably have to design in word software.



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