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Associate Professor, Department of Arabic Language, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University



Arabic syntax -which is about a sentence- contains the means and rules that guarantee the determination of the meaning and contribute to the security of confusion through different verbal and moral clues; in addition to the methods and tools that enable understanding the meaning. However, the problem is not with what the context and clues guarantee to clarify and indicate; rather, it is concerned with what went beyond - such as reference in its various forms - which requires more general means and overall semantic principles. Undoubtedly, the consideration of the linguistics of the text leads to the development of tools towards the semantic sentence and the creation of passages and dialogues between them. This issue would have a noticeable effect on devising many foundations and principles that lead to an optimal understanding of the overall meaning of the text, and solving a lot of ambiguities unless the ambiguity or multiplicity of the possibilities of meaning is an intended quality, an intended artistic creation and an enrichment of meaning. Examples on this issue include the foundations of relationships between sentences and images of sequences of paragraphs, principles of textual interpretation, receptive and reading strategies, semantic equivalence and its relationship and significance to the stylistic choice


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